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Governing Body

Tameeza Henriot       Academy Governor       Chair of Governors           Member

Christian Mills            Academy Governor                                                    Member

Ruth Shaw                  Academy Governor                                                    Member       

Kathryn Barnes          Academy Governor                                                    Trustee

Monica Tabarac         Academy Governor                                                    Trustee

Nyasha Chiwandire   Parent Governor                                                         Trustee

Eilidh MacRae            Parent Governor                                                         Trustee

Hajra Maka                 Parent Governor                                                         Trustee

Aisha Chowdhry        Parent Governor                                                         Trustee

Caroline Crosdale      Staff Governor               Headteacher                      Trustee

Amanda Smith           Staff Governor               Support Staff Rep              Trustee

Caroline Crosdale      Staff Governor               Teacher Rep                       Trustee

Parent Governor Elections


If a Parent Governor position becomes available all parents will be informed and nominations will be requested.


If more than one nomination is received an election will take place. Each parent in the school is asked to vote for the candidate they wish to represent them on the Academy Governing Body.


The result of the election is published.


For further information about the role of a parent governor, please see the below document.

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