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Start & Finish Times September 2020

Ealing Council Document- Supporting Your Child's Return to School



Due to COVID19 restrictions parents and guardians are unable to enter the school building to buy uniform.


We arranged 2 days in the holidays for parents and guardians to purchase uniform from the school playground which many were able to attend.


To reduce the risks of spreading the virus, we do not want large groups of parents congregating in one place, so we will not be selling uniform directly to parents during the Autumn Term. This will be reviewed in the Spring Term.


To enable parents to purchase uniform whilst COVID19 restrictions are in place, we are introducing a uniform order form.


Parents/Guardians can complete the uniform order form to obtain the uniform they require without having to come into the school building.


Uniform Order Form

Please complete the below form and indicate the uniform you wish to purchase.


Please put the completed form into an envelope with the required money and give it to your child to return to their teacher.


The exact money for the order is needed, we are not able to give change.


If the exact money is not included in the envelope we will be unable to complete your order and the form and money will be returned to your child.


Once we receive the order form with the exact money, will give the uniform to your child to bring home with them.


Uniform Returns/Swaps

If you wish to return an item of uniform or swap an item for a different size, please call the school office.