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Special Educational Needs

Mrs. Caroline Crosdale, Deputy Head, is in charge of SEN (Special Educational Needs) at Brentside. We are an Inclusive School that welcomes children with special learning difficulties. We are able to meet the needs of children in wheelchairs as we are a one-storey building. We ensure that the Code of Practice is implemented effectively.


Approximately 28% of our pupils are on the SEN register. We have a strong policy in practice of identifying educational and behavioural needs early, and ensuring that the curriculum is sufficiently differentiated to meet the needs of all pupils.


From September 2014, the SEN Code of Practice is being phased into a 2 tier system rather than 3 tier. From now on there will be pupils who require SEN support and pupils who will have an EHP (Educational Health Plan).


The most significant change in the new 2014 SEN Code of Practice is the importance now placed on the parent’s role in SEN procedures. In order to support the SEN needs of our pupils, BPA has commissioned the services of our own Speech and Language Therapist and Play Therapist. This ensures that pupils have access to therapeutic support very quickly.


We have also recently commissioned the services of an Independent Educational Psychologist, who can assist parents and BPA in gaining an independent opinion on the nature of support required for our SEN pupils.

Accessbility Plan, Action Plan & Site Layout Plan

SEND Complaints Procedure


Procedure for expressing concerns and making formal complaints about the support provided by Brentside Primary Academy for your child if they have Special Educational Needs.(SEN)


We believe that Brentside Primary Academy continuously aspires to deliver outstanding education for all of our children regardless of any SEN or disability. We work very hard to build positive relationships with all involved in our school community. However, the Academy is obliged to have procedures in place in case there are complaints about the support provided for a child who has Special Educational Needs.


If you have a concern about the support your child is receiving in school we strongly encourage you to make an appointment with your child’s class teacher to discuss this concern. If you feel your concern has not been resolved please do make an appointment with Mrs Crosdale (Deputy Headteacher and SENCO) who will endeavour to support you.


If, after liaison with the school, you still feel dissatisfied with the support your child is receiving you may choose to make a formal complaint.


If you would like to make a complaint we would refer you to our Complaints Policy which outlines the whole complaints process. (see below)

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