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Autumn Term 2018/19

Friday 16th November 2018:   Children in Need 50p to wear own clothes (red, yellow, spotty) 50p for                                                             cake sale  (donations of nut-free cakes appreciated)

Friday 14th December 2018:   Nursery Christmas Concert- 9.30am

Friday 14th December 2018:   Save The Children Christmas Jumper Day- £1 donation to wear Christmas                                                         jumper

Monday 17th December 2018: Reception Christmas Concert- 10.00am

Tuesday 18th December 2018: KS1 Christmas Concert- 10.00am

Wednesday 19th December 2018: KS2 Christmas Concert- 10.00am

Thursday 20th December 2018: Christmas Parties- £1 donation to wear own clothes, bring party food                                                               to share

Friday 21st December 2018: Last day of term, Christmas holidays begin

Monday 7th January 2018: First day of Spring term












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