Brentside Primary Academy

Putting Children First


Design Technology



At BPA, we take great pride in being a school that advocates creativity and make it our aim to provide a rich and balanced curriculum. Giving children access D&T helps develops skills and knowledge in design and allows children to see the world from a different standpoint.


It enlightens children to the mechanisms and structures that help to make things work, giving them the base knowledge and understanding for creating functional products. Through Design and Technology, children are actively encouraged to think about important issues such as sustainability and enterprise.



The curriculum allows children to explore working with a range of materials, including food and electrical controls. D&T is based around the Learning Challenge Curriculum which is built around deep thinking and encourages pupils to learn using a question and a starting point.


Children use their senses- seeing, touching and at times even tasting-for themselves which encourages inquisitive learning. D&T is taught in rotation to Art on a half termly basis. Teachers have access to a range of resources in the Art/DT cupboard to help plan for lessons and can consult the DT curriculum lead



Impact of the Curriculum is monitored through constructive scrutiny of half-termly data, planning, monitoring of books and displays, lesson learning walks, discussions with teaching staff and parents and pupil voice. BPA plans for Curriculum. Children’s creative success is celebrated throughout the school through displays and through regular sharing assemblies where children present their learning and it’s outcomes to the rest of the school.