Brentside Primary Academy

Putting Children First

Trustees & Members

Trustees and Members List

Tameeza Henriot- Member

Christian Mills- Member

Ruth Shaw- Member & Trustee

Eilidth Macrae- Member & Trustee

Hajra Maka- Trustee

Aisha Chowdhury- Trustee

Zainab Saeed- Trustee

Elizabeth Lusty- Trustee

Matt Blom- Trustee

Meleter James- Trustee

Joanna Disha- Trustee

Caroline Crosdale- Trustee\ Accounting Officer

Amanda Smith- Trustee

Jemima Smith- Trustee

What do the Trustees & Members do?

The Trustees and Members are the Governors or the School and have a strategic role supporting and challenging the Headteacher. Governors work as a team, in the best interests of the children and the school, to raise educational standards. More specifically, they:


  • Appoint the Headteacher, who has day to day responsibility for everything that happens in a school and is accountable to the Governors
  • Agree how the Academy's money is allocated and monitor how the money is spent
  • Agree policies about the way the academy should work
  • Ensure new initiatives and guidelines for the Department for Education and the Education Authority are put in place


Governor Meetings & Committee Meetings

The full governing body usually meets at least once a term in addition to meeting in smaller committees. Most of the governors’ work is done in committee meetings when financial, audit, staffing, curriculum and premises issues are discussed in detail. These committees meet at least once a term and more when there are pressing issues such as building works.


Monitoring Visits

Governors undertake regular monitoring visits to the school to focus on areas for school improvement as well as to monitor specific areas.