Brentside Primary Academy

Putting Children First

School Meals

At Brentside Primary Academy, parents have the option to either prepare a packed lunch for their child, or for their child to have a hot school meal.  School meals are provided by the school’s catering company, Harrison’s Catering, at a price of £2.30 per day, unless your child is entitled to free school meals (see below). Harrison’s are dedicated to providing top quality meals with at least 90% fresh ingredients, and all food is prepared on-site.


Summer Term 2021 NEW MENU

School meals can only be paid for online or over the phone by contacting Harrison’s Catering directly.  For children in Years 3-5, regular payments must be made to Harrison's Catering to ensure that a debt of over £23.00 is not be accrued. Your child will not be permitted to have a school meal if the debt on their account is over £23.00.


In year 6 children must pay in advance for their meals, they will not be provided with a meal unless there is credit on their account.


Menus are also available at the school office so you can see the options on offer for your child’s lunch. There is always a meat and vegetarian option, and the menu follows a three-week rotation.


We advise that children either have packed lunches or school dinners for a full term. However, all children are offered the opportunity to have a school Christmas Lunch each year!


NB Hot meals are not provided for Reception children until they are settled into full-time school. The school writes to Reception parents to inform when hot meals become available for Reception children.