Brentside Primary Academy

Putting Children First

School Council


At Brentside Primary Academy we believe that every pupil’s voice is important and should be heard. We launched our Smart School Council in 2020 to help us achieve this in a simple, practical way.

There are two core parts to our Smart School Council: The Communication Team and Class Meetings.


Communication Team

The Communications team is made up of two class representatives from each class, Year 2 to Year 6. This group of pupils help to run the Smart School Council and get everyone involved. They are elected every year and meet once fortnight to discuss any issues that their peers may raise.


Class Meetings

Class Meetings are pupil-led meetings held in every class. They run every couple of weeks for about 40 minutes. The Communications Team leads these in their classrooms with their class and use the Class Meeting Tool to run these. The class teacher sits back and supports, the pupils lead the meetings. The class meeting tool runs via the computer and guides pupils through the process of running the meeting. Each meeting is based around a single question that small groups in each class discuss, and pupils take turns to talk and debate and agree on an answer. Votes and ideas are entered into the tool for the Communication Team to check and discuss at their next meeting.