Brentside Primary Academy

Putting Children First


School Uniform

Brentside has a strict uniform code for all pupils except Nursery children.


The uniform consists of:-

  • A blue jumper or cardigan
  • A white polo shirt
  • Trousers - Dark grey, black or navy
  • Skirts - Dark grey, black or navy
  • Dresses - Dark grey, black or navy (or blue & white summer dresses)
  • School shoes or trainers should be black
  • Blue Bookbag (KS1)


Children should not wear jewellery for health and safety reasons. We do not allow the use of make up in school. We do allow stud earrings. School skirts should be an appropriate length.


Branded Items

We have the following branded items which can be purchased from Brentside Primary Academy:-

  • Jumper - Blue jumper- with logo
  • Cardigan- Blue- with logo
  • Polo T-Shirt – White- with logo
  • PE T-shirt- with logo
  • PE Hoodie- with logo
  • Blue Bookbag- with logo


 Compulsory Items

The PE T-Shirt is the only branded item that is compulsory for all pupils to wear.


It is compulsory for all Key Stage 1 children to have a blue bookbag, however this does not have to be the branded option we offer.


Optional Items

Pupils can wear any blue jumper or cardigan over a white polo shirt. It is not compulsory for any of these items to be branded.


Pupils can also choose to wear a dark grey, black or navy dress or a blue & white summer dress


The PE hoodie is an optional item.


PE Kit

Children wear their PE kits into school on the days their class has PE and do not get changed in school. The PE days for each class are given to parents at the start of each new school year.


For PE, children should have:-

  • Dark shorts, jogging bottoms or leggings
  • Brentside branded PE t-shirt
  • Plimsoles for KS1
  • Trainers for KS2


It is compulsory for all pupils to wear the Brentside PE t-shirt on the days that they have PE.


There is an option to purchase a Brentside branded hoodie to wear on PE days so pupils do not get cold.




Pupils go swimming in Year 4 as part of the national curriculum


Swimming Kit

Pupils will need to bring the following in a waterproof bag:-

  • Swimming costume
  • Swimming hat
  • Towel
  • Underwear


Swimming Rules

  • Pupils need to arrive at school wearing their swimming costume/trunks under their uniform. They need to bring underwear to change into after their swimming lesson.
  • For health, hygiene and safety reasons, ALL PUPILS (boys & girls) participating in swimming lessons will be required to wear a swimming hat.
  • All swimmers must wear appropriate swimwear, i.e. one-piece swimming costume for girls and swimming trunks for boys. Boys’ shorts must be no longer than mid-thigh length. No leggings or t-shirts will be allowed in the pool.
  • Swimmers can wear tight-fitting modesty swimwear if required to for religious reasons
  • No goggles are allowed to be used during the school lessons. (Goggles are not permitted unless a prior written request for their use for medical reasons has been received from the individual’s medical practitioner).
  • No jewellery or watches should be worn.


Where to purchase it

Brentside Branded Items can only be purchased from the school directly.


We have an order form which needs to be completed and either emailed or handed into the school office.


Payment for uniform can be made in cash or online using the uniform payment link.


Second Hand Uniform

Second had uniform can be obtained from the School Office. Please contact the school office if you are interested in obtaining second hand uniform.


Branded School Uniform and Merchandise Prices
Jumper        £11.00

Cardigan     £11.00
Polo Shirt    £8.50

PE T-shirt    £8.50

PE Hoodie   £14.00
Book Bag    £6.00
Logo Patch £3.00


NB: It is not compulsory to wear uniform in Nursery; however, some parents prefer to send Nursery children in wearing school uniform.

Uniform Ordering


Uniform Order Form

Please complete the below form and indicate the uniform you wish to purchase.


Please put the completed form into an envelope with the required money and give it to your child to return to their teacher.


The exact money for the order is needed, we are not able to give change.


If the exact money is not included in the envelope we will be unable to complete your order and the form and money will be returned to your child.


Once we receive the order form with the exact money, will give the uniform to your child to bring home with them.


Uniform Returns/Swaps

If you wish to return an item of uniform or swap an item for a different size, please call the school office.