Brentside Primary Academy

Putting Children First


At Brentside we value the importance of reading. We recognise that reading is the gateway to life and at the heart of every element of the school curriculum.

As a child grows up, being able to read well not only enables them to discover new facts and to learn at school, but opens them up to new ideas, stories and opportunities.

The teaching and learning of Reading starts from their very first steps into school, with a progressive child centered curriculum which is based around the use of high quality texts.

Reading for pleasure is promoted across the curriculum and through our many whole school events and experiences.

We believe that a thorough grasp of literacy skills is crucial to a high quality education and will give our children the tools they need to participate fully as a member of society.

Reading- Progression of skills

At Brentside, we value reading for pleasure and pupils are encouraged to discuss and recommend books that they have enjoyed. Pupils in all year groups have put together a list of books that they would recommend for pupils of their age.