Brentside Primary Academy

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Phonics & Early Reading

At Brentside, every child in EYFS, Year 1 and 2 as well as those pupils in KS2 that need additional support have 40 minutes of phonics teaching every day. We follow Monster Phonics as a means to deliver these sessions.

On this phonics page, you can find fantastic Monster Phonics resources for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children.  There are flashcards for graphemes, Common Exception Words (CEW), and High Frequency Words (HFW) and many more resources.

Reception Monster Phonics Resources

Year 1 Monster Phonics Resources

Year 2 Monster Phonics Resources

Classroom Sound Mat

The colour-coded grapheme system is unique to Monster Phonics; each coloured grapheme is paired with a monster character that makes the same sound to give audio-visual prompts that help children ‘see’ each sound within a word and pronounce it correctly. Our monsters are really sound cues to help children remember how to read and pronounce graphemes.

Monster Phonics Grapheme Posters

Tricky Word Mats