Brentside Primary Academy

Putting Children First





At BPA, the health, happiness and safety of each student is paramount. Our PSHE curriculum is driven with these focuses in mind, and we aim to provide opportunities whereby children are encouraged to grow into independent and respectful members of society. Our school values include kindness, respect, responsibility, creativity, learning and resilience and have been created by the students. These values steer our school in a direction that reflects a shared vision amongst students, staff and community.



Through whole school activities, and cross curricular opportunities, PSHE is present throughout all year groups. Walking through the school, it is evident that all students at BPA have a strong sense of pride and respect for one another, which is a value we hold closely. We aim to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to express themselves, talk about relevant matters, learn without judgement and belong to a school where bullying does not exist. These opportunities for learning are done in safe space of discussion led lessons and whole school activities where creative arts are used as a medium for expression. We stay up to date with PSHE curriculum expectations, and attend trainings carried out by Ealing Local Authority to ensure that our students receive the most relevant high quality teaching.



Curriculum Impact is measured by pupil voice, soft impact, planning, monitoring of displays, lesson learning walks, and discussions with all stakeholders, i.e. pupils, parents and staff. Especially where RHE is concerned, our priority is ensuring that all parents understand and can support their children at home, in the hope of extending and building on the learning children do at school. Parents are consulted on and have a voice in how and what their children learn. Since PSHE is a unique subject, we make sure that success in this area comes through open lines of communication between all members involved. Observing the happiness and health of all students is ultimately our number one priority.


PSHE / RHE - New Curriculum - the facts

Schools in Birmingham were delivering an additional curriculum. We will not be delivering this curriculum.  We will be delivering the same curriculum as other primary schools in Ealing.  We will not be using videos to deliver lessons. Content will be age appropriate and child friendly.  All resources will be shared with parents.


Updated guidance for RHE

From September 2020, this lesson will be known as Relationships Health Education.  We will follow updated guidance during the year. Most schools in Ealing have already been teaching comprehensive Relationships Education for many years, therefore very little will change.  As we update our resources and policy, you will keep you informed.


During the course of the Autumn term a working party will come together to draft a new RHE policy.  This group will include members from the school community.  Throughout this consultation period parents will be kept regularly.