Brentside Primary Academy

Putting Children First


Religious Education



At Brentside Primary Academy the Religious Education curriculum is based around the Focus Challenge Curriculum. The curriculum is designed to recognise pupil’s prior knowledge and learning while providing enriching lessons to enable pupils to reach their potential. Our aim is to promote and celebrate the equality and diversity at BPA by ensuring that all main religions and their traditions in Great Britain are taught.



Brentside Primary Academy engages all learning styles through quality teaching, educational trip, school visitors and a collection of resources. The Focus Learning Challenge Curriculum outlines key questions for teacher and pupil exploration and enquiry-based learning. Our curriculum provides opportunities for cross-curricular links to create engaging lessons and activities for pupils.



The impact of the RE curriculum allows pupils to gather a sense of self and belonging in a diverse community. Pupils are also equipped with the skills to be respectful and accepting members of society while flourishing in their own views and beliefs.




Progression of skills