Brentside Primary Academy

Putting Children First

Support for families

Our school is always open to support families who have been struggling financially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are a list of websites that you can also access for support:   Glasspool Trust is a UK wide grants giving charity that provide one off grants to individuals.  Save the Children run a grant programme called Eat, Sleep, Learn, Play! For low income families, this programme provides beds, white goods, toys and books to children who are disadvantaged and in need. The Family Fund gives grants to families raising disabled and seriously ill children aged 17 and under. Health through Warmth is an initiative set up by NPower to assist vulnerable people in England and Wales who have long term, cold related illnesses and need assistance to fund and install heating and insulation in their homes. The Trust helps families and individuals living in fuel poverty, or who are struggling to pay for their gas and/or electricity. They award grants to clear those debts. The Trust also offers help via Further Assistance Payments to clear other priority household debts or purchase essential household items. The British Gas Energy Trust has a particular focus on fuel poverty, helping those who are struggling to pay for their consumption of gas and electricity get back on their feet and remain debt free going forward. In exceptional cases the Trust can also help with other priority household costs and items. The Family Holiday Association provides holidays for parents and children who experience disadvantage as a result of poverty. Action for Kids supports young people with physical and learning disabilities through the provision of mobility aids, employability training and family support. Caudwell Children provide equipment, treatment, therapies and family support for disabled children and their families across the UK. Family Action have both welfare and education grant programmes to help address the needs of disadvantaged families and individuals that struggle to afford basic needs and to pursue educational and employment ambitions. Marvellous Family Grants are for families facing financial hardship while caring for a seriously ill child. 

Please do share with colleagues and wider networks.